We will welcome you, you are welcome here. We will respect you, you are respected here.
We will accept you, you are accepted here. We will not discriminate, you will not feel discrimination here.
We will celebrate you, you are celebrated here.



 No Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Bullying or any other bullshit. Respect the space that includes the bartender, the other patrons and yourself. No fancy cocktails. No cocktails.


We cannot begin to express how much we appreciate the amount of love and gratitude we have been shown at Less since opening in September of 2017. Our goal has been to create a safe and warm atmosphere where everyone can enjoy music and company.

Though we did not know exactly what to expect, what we got was the formation of a community of wonderful people who share our values of respect and acceptance.

We recently reached out to the community looking for a potential partner or buyer. The response was great and we met with several interested people. Unfortunately, most potential buyers wanted to change the space or could not offer enough of a financial investment to make an impact.

As you can imagine, running a bar in this neighbourhood has financial challenges, and we are calling for support to make sure we can keep this thing going.

By becoming a supporter, you're ensuring that Less continues to exist and flourish. It would also be great to hire a third manager, upgrade our sound equipment so that we can continue to serve as a music venue for the community, and expand our programming and services to make Less the best it can be.*

There are two payment options so you can choose what best suits you:

Annually: $75/year

Monthly: $7.50/month

Help us keep Less alive and thriving!


Team Less


*Note: Financial supporters will not receive preferential treatment or perks. Less will remain equally accessible for all.